NEW!  Component Homes by Vantage Pointe

Visit the website of our new line of homes, the Component Homes by Vantage Pointe Homes. We’ve developed new designs, specifications and details with the busy, budget conscious buyer in mind. This turnkey line of home is our rural housing solution to meet housing needs in growing communities across Nebraska and Kansas. Find your pre-designed, pre-priced home plan that fits your needs and budget today.

Component Homes by Vantage Pointe

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The Advantages

Vantage Pointe Homes

Vantage Pointe Homes

HPIM0030.JPGVantage Pointe Homes prefers the reference to “custom one-piece offsite built homes” rather than “modular homes” because of our high level of design and construction practices.

At Vantage Pointe Homes we understand that the purchase of a new home can be one of the most important financial decisions a person can make in a lifetime. Therefore, with our unique approach to the design and construction of our homes, we create the Vantage Pointe Advantage.

Vantage Pointe Homes are unlike most off–site built homes due to our ability to Custom Design the home of your dreams. Our team of experts will lead the Home modular process until your new home is complete and move in ready.

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The Benefits

HPIM0616Controlled Construction Process: All homes are constructed in our production facility.

Protection from environmental weather factors that may slow traditional construction techniques.

Protected Materials: Our brand name high quality materials are delivered and stored to protect them from the elements.

Dedicated Employees: Your new home will be built by dedicated, skilled craftsmen to insure the highest quality homes.

Design assistance: Choose from existing Floor plans or work with our design team to create your own custom home.


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Superior Quality

tubbyVantage Pointe Homes are built with brand name, high quality materials and we have a documented Quality Control System approved by the State of Nebraska. This system insures that each step of the modular process complies with our strict quality standards.

All Vantage Pointe Homes meet or exceed all state and local building codes. State certified factory inspections are constant and consistent throughout the construction process. Vantage Pointe Homes follow 2009 IRC, 2011 NEC, 2009 IECC, and all applicable local codes.

Off-site home construction can withstand the stress of transportation and generally contain about 20% more lumber than traditionally built homes. Our homes are eco-friendly by minimizing waste and avoiding environmental exposure and time delays.