Welcome to Vantage Pointe Homes

Vantage Pointe Homes modular construction started in 1995. Because more and more of our customers wanted homes built long distances from our office, Dan Kubr came up with the idea to implement this type of modular process. Costs were too prohibitive to send workers or subcontractors too far so the idea to build homes in a factory and ship them to the jobsite was born.

This is not a new idea – so what is the difference between our company and other modular home companies? We came from a stick built/site built and remodeling background and have tried to build the same home we constructed on site. This is where the term off-site construction comes from.

Through creative design and engineering, we are delivering one piece homes as large as 2100 square feet.

We offer:

  • Ranch style homes
  • 1 1/2 story homes
  • 2 story homes
  • Portable classrooms, light commercial buildings
  • Hip or gable roofs up to 10/12
  • Garages, porches and decks assembled on site

Modular construction has been associated in the past with low pitch roofs, 2 piece construction and low cost materials. That is no longer a fact. Our original goal was to construct a one piece modular home with the same materials and construction process used in site built homes. We have achieved that goal and even improved on the process. Homes that are too large or cannot be moved into tight areas are constructed in two, three, four or more sections.

Since 1995, our company has grown primarily by word of mouth referrals.

      Vantage Pointe Homes prefers the reference to “custom one-piece offsite built homes” rather than “modular homes” because of our high level of design and construction practices.

      At Vantage Pointe Homes we understand that the purchase of a new home can be one of the most important financial decisions a person can make in a lifetime. Therefore, with our unique approach to the design and construction of our homes, we create the Vantage Pointe Advantage:

      • Controlled Construction Process: All homes are constructed in our production facility. This protects them from environmental weather factors that may slow traditional construction techniques.
      • Protected Materials: Our brand name high quality materials are delivered and stored to protect them from the elements.
      • Dedicated Employees: Your new home will be built by dedicated, skilled craftsmen to insure the highest quality homes.
      • Design assistance: Choose from existing Floor plans or work with our design team to create your own custom home.
      • Free Estimate
      • Interior selections include paint colors, kitchen and bathroom hardware, Custom Countertops, appliances, cabinets (standard or custom), personal selection of lighting, flooring selections include carpet, vinyl, laminate, and tile through out your new home.
      • Exterior selections include various types of siding, brick, stone, shutters, shingles, vinyl, shiplap or hardi plank siding, over 35 colors of brick, windows, coordinating shutters and garage doors. Click here to view our List of Brand Name Suppliers.
      • All interior and exterior selections are available for viewing at Vantage Pointe Homes.
      • Vantage Pointe Homes builds porches, garages and decks to compliment your new home.
      • Vantage Pointe Homes offers customer flexibility to participate in the designing of your home.
      • Vantage Pointe Homes also offers Turn Key construction through our site prep options.