Since 1995, Vantage Pointe Homes has been a dependable Advanced Building Systems Modular homebuilder. Every Vantage Pointe Homes home that we build has the knowledge and experience gained from those years. True Advanced Building Systems Modular housing offers numerous advantages over conventional site-built construction methods.


Vantage Pointe Homes is flexible in all aspects of the building process from beginning to end, offering flexibility in custom designs, custom pricing, custom specifications and turnkey site prep work.

Plan Design

Whether this is your first home or next home, working with our team will help you to design a custom plan that is functional to your needs while staying within your budget. Selecting from over 500 home plans we’ve built, one of the Simply Vantage pre-designed plans or providing a floor plan that you like, we will customize it to make your plan fit your desires in a new home. We offer a wide variety of ranches, cape cods and two-stories that can be customized.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

Cost is a big issue when it comes to building a new home. Every home we bid is complete, including the turnkey site prep work, with no hidden fees. A price for the home and turnkey site prep work is determined so that the owner knows exactly what is included when purchasing one of our homes.


Building and construction materials are housed in our warehouse until needed in the factory. Protection of these materials is very important for moisture control, warpage and quality. We specialize in purchasing quality materials from respectable suppliers at quality prices and passing the price advantage on to the home buyer.

Turnkey Site Prep Work

Vantage Pointe Homes offers turnkey site prep. Work is completed on site, such as the excavation, foundation, concrete flat work, building permit, etc. [more info] We know that time is money and not everyone likes or knows how to be a general contractor. Scheduling for the site work is performed by our Site Coordinator who keeps the job is running smoothly and the homeowner up-to-date on the project.

Simultaneous Factory and Site Work

When building your new home, the site work can be completed at the same time. Simultaneous construction at both the site and at the factory is a very efficient way of building.

Energy Savings

Energy conservation has become a high priority. When you combine the energy efficiency of the home’s appliances and our standard building procedures, we achieve a highly efficient home. Add a blower test by a professional Energy Consultant and you have an energy star home. []

Quality Control
Quality Control Inspections

Each home is inspected by the State of Nebraska as it is built in the factory. Each home building process is signed off by the factory supervisor and the State Inspector. This State Inspector is also the third party inspector for surrounding states like Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.


Every Vantage Pointe home comes with a one year limited warranty for certain materials and labor. We provide a one-year warranty manual listing all sub-contractors. In addition, many of the name brand components come with their own separate manufacturer’s warranty.